while announcing the launch of Instagram Reels, Instagram described it as “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.” 

It said, “Reels in Explore offers anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage.” 


A reel which can ask the audience some question or create suspense can go viral. The trick is to make the initial three seconds catchy and suspicious.

  Make sure that the person who’s watching your reel must ask these question to himself/herself, “what might they reveal?”, “how did this happen?”, “wait, what is gonna happen now?”, “how did they do it?”.

These measures will ensure that the viewer is holding onto that reel to understand the concept of it. 


Make your content relatable. Relatability of the content will automatically make it more sharable which will ensure increased visibility of it. 

You can make videos on the subjects that you see in your daily life. For example, the way your mother/father reacts on something you say, how certain teachers act, how your sibling might talk to you. There are high chances that others go through the same things that you do. 

Pick out characters and their certain quirks and then make a reel on it. The way they talk, walk or eat, anything that you think is amusing and funny. 

You can also use trending sounds like the Bigg Boss house sounds to make a comedy reel on it while relating to some character you know in real life.  



Keep the confusion intact! This might sound bizarre but if you create some sort of confusion or suspense in your reel , it will make the viewer watch it multiple times to make sense of it. 

This can be done by giving half information in the reel and asking the audience to check out the caption for more details. Or it can be done by dividing the videos in several parts so that the audience is in anticipation to watch the next part.