Instagram Engagement

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit us with a bang people have started switching to Instagram for business purposes, entertainment purposes and what not!! There are tons of people who are engaged in Instagram’s content. Hence every content creators need Instagram engagement on their profiles.


Here we are going to tell you 5 ways to increase Instagram Engagement.

How to increase your instagram engagement in 2022?

  1. Create Stories With Engaging Stickers

  2. Be Real with your audience

  3. Upload Relatable & Sharable Content (especially reels)

  4. Share savable Graphics

  5. Collab with other creators (of your same niche)

  1. Create Stories With Engaging Stickers: To begin with let’s start with uploading stories, this is the easiest task plus it consumes less of your time.  All you need to do is start by uploading 2-3 stories daily, basically make this a habit, like you have of drinking coffee or chai every morning! In those 2-3 stories on Instagram use engaging stickers such as ask a question, poll, rating stories. Use Instagram engaging stickers in such a way that your audience gets to interact with you as much as possible! This is the most popular way to know the choices of your audience and on the other hand, your audience will know you better.

2. Be Real with your audience – You don’t like it when your friends act fake in front of you right? Neither you would want to act fake with your friends! Your audience won’t expect a creator who is fake, just be your real self and watch the magic happen! You would attract the kind of audience with how you are in front of your audience. This might increase your Instagram engagement for a shorter duration but it won’t last long. Hence it is highly recommended to be your real self on Instagram it will ultimately result in the exact kind of Instagram engagement that you are looking for.

3. Upload Relatable & Sharable Content – We should always upload the kind of content to which the audience can relate to so much that they would want to share it with all their might this would lead to the maximum increase in Instagram Engagement. . Read more about relatable and sharable content for Instagram.

4. Share savable posts – Let’s talk Instagram Algorithm peeps!  Instagram Algorithm loves it when the users save posts because Instagram finds that if someone is saving a particular post then it must be of use to the other audiences as well, and hence it shows those posts to maximum users this constant sharing, appearing and saving of posts leads to an Increase In an engagement on Instagram. Do try this trick and create your post in such a way that people would love to save it and recommend it to a larger group of audience.

Want to get some ideas of savable posts, do give this link a read

5. Collaboration with other creators –  When you start collaborating with other creators of the same niche as you are then you get a relatively more increase in Instagram engagement from the audience. The users have recently been refraining from collaborating, underestimating the power of collabs. Give this a good try and join hands with the influencer/ artist/ creator of your niche and always always remember to tag them in the collaboration section while uploading your work! Now let the magic happen and look how your Instagram engagement grows significantly!

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By Sankalp Nag & Shobhita Mathur