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In this blog, you’ll get to know 7 ways to get more views on Instagram Stories 2024. Instagram stories are the most effective way to grow your business beyond limits. Instagram stories are a significant way to be close with your audience and an efficient way to understand their preferences. 

Taking reviews and feedback has never been easier, Instagram’s poll feature assists in bringing out what our audience expects of us. All the business owners would agree with us on this part that there is stuff that we don’t want on our profile yet we want our beloved audience to see it!

The answer to all the above confusions is ‘Instagram Stories’. So here are the 7 ways to boost your Instagram Stories:

1. Make your audience crave for your stories: For instance, imagine what makes you crave your favourite food? It might be its taste or how it is prepared by an individual and how eagerly you wait to devour it! This is exactly the way to upload your stories, have something that your audience is looking forward to in order to increase your views on your Instagram story.


2. Make a pattern of posting: You must’ve been watching people posting stories that are more like episodes of a series. You can start by posting quotes for the day, funniest moments of your day etc at a particular time of the day. Preferably at 9 pm every day. According to us, the most magnificent way to do this is by posting a question in the morning and letting your audience know that you’ll answer it at night. The most important task is to stay engaged with your Instagram family and this will make your Instagram stories even more fruitful.

3. Use Hashtags: Whenever you post something always remember to put hashtags, hashtags and more hashtags!  Hashtags are a crucial way to diversify your Instagram audience and get more reach. When you use a hashtag, your post will appear whenever someone searches that keyword and when you use a hashtag in your story it will be reflected in that hashtag everywhere on Instagram. This will definitely make your Instagram page grow and will enhance views on your Instagram story.

4. Share Behind the scenes: Your audience will always be keen to know how you work and what efforts you put together to show them the content. Always remember your audience loves your bummers as much as they love your final content. Hence sharing your behind the scenes as your Instagram story will prove to multiply the views day by day.

5. Create Value: The most important work to do is sharing originally curated content! Imagine someone copying your art and showing it to others! You won’t like it either, your audience would want to see copied content. Inspire and motivate your audience, go live and interact with them! This should be like your routine, and your Instagram stories would go viral as well! This will allow the audience to share your Instagram story as well so that you get more views.

6. Highlighting stories and location tagging: Even when your stories stay for 24 hours some people might not be able to see them, what to do now? Put those stories in highlight so that your followers can see them and admire them as well! Now you must be thinking “Me kyun batau location” But ruko zara sabar karo! Location tagging is quite underrated but it works wonders! Whenever someone searches that location your story would be the first to pop up! Your Instagram story will then definitely get increasing views than they actually have at a certain point in time. And you must follow this trick to get more views on your Instagram Story.

7. Be consistent: Well! We know that it is quite a task to be consistent but you must’ve heard consistency is the key. Do your best and it’ll work wonders! Every successful person was once a beginner like us. Focus on what you want to achieve and you’ll get it. Once your audience catches hold of your stories then they will share your stories which will ultimately bring more views to your Instagram story.

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By Sankalp Nag, Shobhita Mathur & Shivani Rajora