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A hashtag is a vibrant combination of letters, numbers and emojis with the prefix “#”. Hashtags are used to get more engagement on Instagram. But but but… the bummer is how do you find the best hashtags on Instagram? Which are the most trending hashtags these days? Which hashtags will boost your reach? What are the best hashtags for instagram reels? 

Let’s get to know in this blog


When we put a hashtag in the caption, Instagram automatically makes your content discoverable! Magic noh? 


For instance, we search #dance in the search bar, Instagram will collect all the posts, reels, stories with this hashtag and present it right before your eyes! This is what you need to do! Put up all the relevant hashtags that you think are relevant and relatable to your audience. 
Best hashtags for instagram reels

Cool right? The majority of trending hashtags bring out the extreme reach to your audience! 


Now the question that pops up in our brain is how many hashtags can be used to get your reel trending ? Or how does hashtag help us? 

Well, here my dear reader! Instagram allows us to use 30 hashtags in a reel, while we suggest you to use 5-7 hashtags in total. This is because you need to be accurate with your content, irrelevant hashtags won’t bring you to the top. Hashtags can even create an entire marketing plan for really savvy brands. When you’re working tirelessly for a reel and it goes unnoticed, that is where the problem begins. You just need to figure out which ones to go for and boom your reel goes trending even in less than an hour.


We’ve so long been talking about using appropriate hashtags, let us now know how we choose those hashtags! We have made 2 strategies for you:

the fixed strategy

The first strategy is 3+2 (Hashtag strategy) – which ultimately refers to using the top trending hashtags on Instagram which have been into use by many of the creators every now and then. Getting your reel in the best category and to make the insta reel go viral, this proves to be the best strategy.


Select any 3 of these

(#reelsofinstagram #reelkarofeelkaro #reelitfeelit #explore #trendingreels #viral)


Select 2 of your niche such as If you are a fashion creator then use #fashionreels #trendyfashion


Random strategy

In order to make your reel go viral this strategy is 3+2+2 (Random strategy). This one is a little similar to the strategy above wherein you get to select 3 from the below mentioned hashtags are the best hashtags for reels in instagram which will make you rock the floor with your creativity.


Select any 3 of these

(#reelsofinstagram #reelkarofeelkaro #reelitfeelit #explore #trendingreels #viral)

2 from your niche


2 random hashtags 


So what are you waiting for? Join in with the reels and start the trend of reelkarofeelkaro because you’re the shining star of your own reels.

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