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Instagram’s reel feature has turned to be a sensation amongst every instagram user ever since it’s release. Content creators like us have greatly benefited from it! 

However, the struggle still remains the same, HOW TO INCREASE VIEWS???? 

Coming up with amazing content ideas and not getting the recognition for it can be a bummer. But we are here to tell you that gaining views can become an easy task with the correct methods. Gaining an organic follower base which can lead to an eventual increase in the viewing of the content can become very easy with these simple tips and tricks!

1. Choose a topic according to your audience

We all know our organic audience. As a content creator, we have to know why people will follow us. Giving people what they like is the sole duty of an entertainer. Whenever we make a reel we must choose a topic that we know our followers will like. It can be funny, relatable or entertaining, irrespective of the nature of the content, we must know how our audience will react to it. 

2. Use a good caption

A catchy caption can keep the audience hooked to the post. If the caption is interesting or informative, people will revisit the reel to check it out.  Our goal should be to keep the captions crisp and to the point. Adding multiple hashtags in the caption can improve the reach of the reel. 

3. Make your first 3 seconds catchy

First impressions are very important. If the first few seconds of our reel are catchy, the audience will hold onto watching the full thing. This can be done in two ways. We can either reveal the topic in the beginning so that the audience know what they’re gonna be served with. Or we can hold on the audience’s attention by building the suspense. We have to choose one of these according to our content. 

4. Give audience a reason to watch

Most of us often wonder, as an audience, what attracts us to content creators and their work. It may be their personality or their content. As a content creator we must keep in check both the things. We should maintain a relationship with our audience by constantly engaging with them through stories and different tools provided by instagram like polls and questions. We should also focus on providing them quality content. 

5. Make them watch your reel more than once

Constant sharing is the key! We must keep on sharing the reels we post constantly on our Instagram to get people’s attention. There is no way that they will not want to watch it after being reminded of it numerous times. Increasing the visibility should be the goal. 


These methods are the stepping stones for ensuring the maximum reach of the content you are creating. For increasing the views on the reels you are creating, these steps are a MUST! 

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