What is this buzz about the Instagram avatar feature?

Can you guys guess what we and the metaverse have in store for you?? There is currently a new Instagram avatar feature that has been launched recently!!! This Instagram Avatar Feature make you go tremendously wow! Well all of us have been using Instagram for a while now and most of us even start our day by scrolling our Instagram feeds. 

Instagram Avatar Feature

Let us understand what Instagram’s Avatar feature actually is….

Well, we use Instagram to post our own stories or to view other people’s stories. 

Instagram is a god’s gift to you because people have been using Instagram for Indirect marketing these days a lot!

what is instagram avatar feature

Now let us unveil what exactly is this Instagram’s Avatar Feature, so basically, the Instagram Avatar feature is a 3D representation or a sticker of you! Yes, somewhat like the one you call Bitmoji on Snapchat but a more advanced version of Bitmoji!


You will be able to use it on Instagram, Facebook and messenger as well! For a while you will only be able to use it in dms and stories. There are a lot of things that you can do to your Instagram 3D Avatar such as:

1. You can change clothes of your Instagram Avatar & their are infinity number of options.

2. You can also add accessories to your Avatar & make it cool.

3. Put on different outfits to your Avatar to show-off a bit.

4. You can also try on various hairstyles & experiment with you Instagram Avatar.

Unique feature - digital backpack

You will easily be able to store all these digital goods in your digital backpack! And the most interesting fact about this digital backpack is that you can store as many things as you want in this digital backpack, you can call it your very own “Doremon ki pocket.” 


Instagram Avatar Feature Rumour alert!! 

It says that you will even be able to store your NFTs(Non-fungible tokens) in this backpack. 

Yes, we know that all of you are interested in knowing how to create this Instagram Avatar. Well, this Instagram Avatar Feature is yet only rolled out in a few countries. Now we’ll let you know how to create and use your 3D Avatar.

How to Enable your Instagram Avatar Feature?

1. Tap on the three-line icon

2. Open “Settings”

3. Select “Account”

4. Last but not least select “Avatars”

2nd way to create instagram avatar

And if you do not find this feature in the Account menu then you can even find it in the stories section! This is currently an emerging feature of Instagram and it is going to take a while for everyone to catch hold of this new Avatar Feature of Instagram.

And along with this emerging feature are coming more things that are going to flip the entire game! 

This is just the first step of Instagram towards metaverse. There are a lot of milestones that this Instagram Avatar Feature will bring.

The future is METAVERASE!

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By Sankalp Nag & Shobhita Mathur